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Customer Portal Login

This page is no longer valid and if you’ve reached this page via a saved bookmark please be sure to update your bookmarks to to submit support requests and manage existing requests. If you do not know how to login to the new self-service portal, please contact the help desk on 02 8213 0801 and we’ll be happy to help.

The below form will not work and simply redirect you back to the Phrixus homepage.


When submitting a ticket to the help desk, please use the following as a guide as examples for the required support level and expected response time. Note that response time does not guarantee a solution within this time, but we do guarantee you will hear from us regarding the issue or request (business hours permitting).

Critical (Level 1 – Within 1 Hour – typically immediate):

  • Unable to perform key business functions and servicing your clients/customers/patients
  • Your main server is offline and all users are unable to work
  • One of your network switches has failed and stopped half the company from working
  • Printing problems across multiple printers
  • Multiple users are being prevented from serving company customers/clients
  • A VPN link between 2 x offices is offline causing 1 office to be unable to work
  • Problem appears to be related to a security breach
  • Your internet connection is offline, users can still work locally
  • Your CEO’s computer has stopped working
  • Your main accounting software has stopped working

Medium (Level 3 – Within 4 hours – most common scenario):

  • A user’s desktop will not turn on preventing them from working
  • One printer is not working but users can print to an alternative printer
  • A user is having problems connecting to the wireless network

Low (Within 8 hours):

  • Printing is slower than normal
  • A single user is unable to scan
  • A user needs a program installed onto their PC/Laptop

No Priority / Project:

  • Pro-Active maintenance of system
  • Add/Edit/Delete user requests
  • New computer or software installation

REMEMBER: If you’re contacting us about a critical issue, it may be the best option to call the help desk rather than submit a ticket. If you do not receive an answer, please leave a detailed message stating your company name, your name and a brief description of the issue and we’ll be sure to contact you as soon as possible.