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Network Security

Security is an extremely important part of our connected world and there are a number of things that should be considered when it comes to ensuring your business is safe and as protected as possible.

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Blocking malicious traffic into your network before it gets to your systems, we have a number of solutions to cater to different network sizes and requirements.

For when things make it past the firewall, it is important to have your systems protected. Our solutions cover everything from basic virus and malware scanning, to web content filtering and even system rollback in the event of an encryption attack. Our MY IT Care Plan includes our base Antivirus solution at no additional cost.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
We are strong advocates for the use of MFA wherever possible. While we are strong believers in secure and complex passwords, unfortunately it isn’t always enough and mistakes can occur where a password is leaked or released into the public via a third party attack. MFA can help keep your account secure even if your password ends up in the hands of someone undesirable and help prevent your accounts being hijacked and potential loss of data.

These are just 3 key areas that we focus on when discussing the security of your network and data. Contact us to ensure that you are safe, protected and secure.

Managed Network Security Services

The importance of managed network security services in the modern business landscape can’t be overstated. Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats to businesses large and small the world over. Whether you run a small home-based business or a large multinational corporation, effectively restricting unauthorised access to your system and critical information is essential.

There are several aspects involved in ensuring optimal business network security, including the fact that as technology evolves, so does the sophistication of the criminals that seek to exploit weaknesses in your defences. Here are some of the basic security measures you need to take:

  • Firewall: An effective firewall serves as the first defence against cyber-attacks, acting to block any attempts to penetrate your network. Your firewall needs to be maintained and updated regularly to ensure that it is at all times able to recognise and stop malicious or unauthorised traffic before it penetrates your network.
  • Antivirus: An antivirus is the second layer of protection for your network. Malicious software is often introduced into a system quite innocently, embedded in an email or even via an infected flash drive. Your antivirus software is designed to recognise any unwanted software or programs, then isolate, and eliminate them from your system.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Passwords, regardless of how complex or how regularly they are changed, are no longer the safest option when it comes to restricting access to your network. As much care as companies take, passwords still manage to fall into the hands of the wrong element. Multi-factor authentication is the most effective guard against leaked passwords.
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The Role of Technologically Advanced Managed IT Security Services

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Most business transactions today are conducted online via a business network. Highly sophisticated criminal elements that manage to gain access to business networks can use their access to the network as well as information obtained from the network for financial gain, almost always at the expense of the company or its clients.

  • One would think that most cyberattacks target large companies that deal with millions of dollars. This is not the case. Small businesses are most often targeted in malicious email attacks, making network security for small business essential.
  • The vast majority of malware is introduced to networks via innocent-looking malicious emails. An effective managed IT security solution is key in stopping such attacks.

We are a prominent, well-established, and highly respected provider of effective, technologically advanced managed network security services in Australia.